Christmas Countdown

December 25, 2022

Gift Card Balance

If you would like to check your Cato gift card balance, type in the gift card number as well
as the 4-digit PIN number. To access the PIN number, you will need to locate the scratch-off
panel on the back of the card and remove it to reveal the PIN.
You can also call 877-557-3546 to check your balance.

Please Note: If you already have a gift card that does not have a PIN number, it can be redeemed
at a Cato Fashions retail store or exchanged in store for a gift card that does have the PIN.


To Redeem Online

Enter your Cato gift card number and 4-digit PIN when you checkout.
The amount will be automatically deducted from your total.

To Redeem at A Cato Fashions Store

Present your Cato gift card at the cash register and it will be applied to
your in-store purchase. To find a store nearest you, click the link below: